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Are your product decisions helping or hurting? Meerstats monitors your data and helps you find issues, trends, and wins!


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Keep an eye on your key metrics.

We'll send you reports with the data you care about. Monitor growth, anomalies, and be notified of potential issues!

Track anything.

If it's in your database, we can shine a light on it. Our minimalist setup provides the flexibility to segment your data as you wish.

Start at the beginning.

No one wishes they started tracking data later. We can go back to the beginning, illuminating patterns and trends.

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Daily Report

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Getting started is easy.

Add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'meerstats_rails', require: 'meerstats'


bundle install

Add the necessary configuration with:

meerstats install

Then add your metrics:

Meerstats.add_daily :registrations, -> { User }
Meerstats.add_daily :completed_orders, -> { Order.where(complete: true) }
Meerstats.add_daily :failed_payments, -> { Payment.failed }
Meerstats.add_cumulative :total_users, -> { User }

Setup your data

var meerstats = require('meerstats')('accessToken');

meerstats.addDaily('Users', function() {
  return User;

meerstats.addDaily('Flagged reviews', function() {
  return Review.where('flagged').equals(true);

app.use('/meerstats', meerstats);

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